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Jenne Giles is a San Francisco-based artist whose work ranges from traditional fine arts and crafts to innovative performance and installation art. She received her B.A. Degree in Art and Art History from Rice University in 1997. After working professionally in the arts and trades she began her own business, Harlequin Feltworks, in 2007.

Harlequin Feltworks is dedicated to creating unique pieces of wearable art combining painterly color, sculptural form and contemporary fashion design. Her wearable art is a vibrant aspect of a larger body of work in the fine arts.

Jenne is the author of Felt Fashion: Couture Projects from Garments to Accessories published October 2010 (Quarry, NY).

"I turned to wool in 2005 to create sculptured textiles and wearable art. Through experimentation I discovered that wool, with its pliability and saturated palette, is similar to other fine art mediums like paint and clay. I make each piece by applying wool as painterly strokes and fields of color to create a thick bed of fiber. Wetting this matrix with hot soapy water, I mesh the fibers together by rolling and hand-working them in a process similar to sculpting with clay. It is an alchemical process, rich with surprise and expression."
  2013 Carol Duke Award of Excellence, Bellevue Museum, WA
  2012 Niche Award, Finalist in Wearable Fiber
    Fashion Archive at the Hong Kong Design Institute
  2009 Niche Awards, Finalist in Clothing
  2008 Niche Awards, Finalist in Clothing & Surface Design

Harlequin Feltworks is an artisanal felt studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 2005, our studio produces a limited annual series of high quality, hand-made fashion accessories. Whether discerning shopper or casual collector, Harlequin Feltworks is your destination for stunning personalized fashion statements or that unique gift for loved ones.   Harlequin Feltworks is part of the growing number of businesses that are dedicated to the philosophy of earth & eco-friendly (green) practices. All wearable art pieces are made from 100% all-natural, renewable materials and organic, biodegradable soaps. In addition, understanding that water quality and waste is an issue of growing global concern we have made it a primary goal to conserve water in the making of our feltwork.  
Photography: Moja Ma'at
Felt Fashion by Jenne Giles: Felt Fashion

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