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    Felting is one of the oldest ways of making textiles. Its traditional roots go back to a time when people were just learning to fashion protective clothing from leather and plant fibers, and it has been with us ever since. A felt renaissance is afoot in the world of contemporary arts as creative souls reawaken to the importance of handmade things and organic processes.

To this day, felt is still made with the same techniques: heat, moisture, and agitation that turn loose wool fibers into densely matted felt materials.

For more information on feltmaking:
  FELTMAKING: The Whys and Wherefores, by Sheila Smith & Freda Walker
  Felt (Textiles That Changed the World), by Willow Mullins
    Wash your felt piece by hand. Use cold to luke-warm water and a dash of detergent. Wring out excess water and allow to drip dry.

Dry cleaning OK. Do not, however, use a washing machine or dryer to wash felt piece, as this will cause distortion. Use a steam iron to press the piece, if desired.

Protect from pests by storing in a sealed plastic container during Summer months.
    Email for styling suggestions including video instructions on styling your Rose Scarf.  
Harlequin Feltworks is an artisanal felt studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 2005, our studio produces a limited annual series of high quality, hand-made fashion accessories. Whether discerning shopper or casual collector, Harlequin Feltworks is your destination for stunning personalized fashion statements or that unique gift for loved ones.   Harlequin Feltworks is part of the growing number of businesses that are dedicated to the philosophy of earth & eco-friendly (green) practices. All wearable art pieces are made from 100% all-natural, renewable materials and organic, biodegradable soaps. In addition, understanding that water quality and waste is an issue of growing global concern we have made it a primary goal to conserve water in the making of our feltwork.  
Photography: Moja Ma'at
Felt Fashion by Jenne Giles: Felt Fashion

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